Carolyn shirt

A wardrobe staple


  • Handmade in France ♡
  • 100% Coton Poplin OEKO-TEX
  • Sustainable Corozo Buttons

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Description of the Carolyn shirt

With its Corozo buttons placed on the right, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, and its slighlty oversized cut, the Carolyn shirt will give a chic and effortless look to all your outfits.

The coton poplin used for this shirt is non transparent and crease free.

Coton being a natural and breathable fiber, the Carolyn shirt can be worn all year long.

Size worn on the pictures : M for 5.5ft

Garment making & Composition

  • Made in France – Centre-Val de Loire region
  • Fabric : 100 % OEKO-TEX Cotton Poplin Standard 100 from Albini – Italy
  • Labels : Cotton – France & Portugal
  • Buttons : Corozo – Spain


We recommand to wash your shirt inside out on a gentle cycle at 30°C (86°F) with light colour clothes. The keep your shirt a long time, we suggest to let it dry naturally instead of using a drying machine. The heat of the drying could damage the cotton fibers

Iron on Cotton mode


Origin of the Poplin

Cotton poplin was born in the 15th century in the Avignon region. At the time it was called “Papeline” because it was grown on land owned by the Pope. Although poplin as we know it today is a cotton fabric, it was originally made of a mixture of silk and wool. Over the years, “Popeline” was exported to Anglo-Saxon countries and the “a” changed to “o” to become the “Popeline” we know today.

Composition of the Poplin

Poplin is a 100% cotton fabric. It is composed of a very tight weave and has the particularity of having twice as many warp threads as weft threads. The tighter the weave of a fabric, the better it is. Cotton Poplin is therefore a high quality fabric, an airy material with a supple and silky finish, very soft to the touch.

Use of Poplin

Cotton Poplin is the ideal fabric for shirts because its soft material is very pleasant to wear in contact with the skin. During the summer period, the fabric will keep the freshness while during the winter months, it will keep you warm because cotton is a breathable natural material.

Maintenance of the Poplin

Another advantage is that Poplin is a very easy-care fabric. We recommend machine washing at 30°C (86°F) and air drying. As for ironing, it is always best to do it on the back of your shirt to avoid any mishaps and preserve your garment for as long as possible.


Origin of Corozo buttons

Also called Vegetable Ivory, Corozo comes from the Tagua nut grown in South America. The Corozo takes its name from the Greek karudion meaning « Small nut ».Its particularity is to be authorized for harvesting only once the fruit has fallen from the tree. In addition, the cultivation of Tagua trees is supervised to ensure the protection of the rainforest. Since Tagua trees can produce fruit for 100 years, the Corozo is then, to date, the most eco-responsible and most sustainable alternative for making buttons.

History of Corozo buttons

Corozo buttons first appeared in Europe in the 1870s, where they were first used in Germany for clothing, and shortly thereafter in Italy.

At the start of the 20th century, almost one-third of the buttons used in textile manufacturing in the United States were made of Corozo. Gradually Corozo disappears from textile manufacturing and gives way to plastic. For a few decades, Corozo has been back on the scene, but it is still quite difficult to find good producers of Corozo buttons.

Following extensive research, the choice of Corozo buttons for the Carolyn shirt fell on a family business that has been manufacturing buttons since 1965, in the Barcelona region of Spain.

Corozo buttons sustainability

Corozo is a very resistant and easy to work material. Its texture is smooth and resembles the color of ivory, which is why it is often called “Vegan Ivory”. Corozo buttons are very resistant and do not scratch, it is a much more durable alternative to mother-of-pearl buttons for example.

Maintenance of Corozo Buttons

Corozo buttons are extremely resistant over time. Corozo is a very solid material that withstands high temperatures and does not scratch.

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